Friday Blog Carnival Time!

Happy friday readers! I feel like each week is passing by quickly and then suddenly its the weekend. Of course this means the weekend also passes by in a flash too! Here’s a quick blog carnival for you. Post to follow soon!

It’s easy to make goals but hard to stick to them. Here’s one look at how to stick to those goals.
Robert Renaud presents 5 Ways to Realize Your Goals posted at The Time Trading Guru.

Here’s an article about how to start a budget. The basics and other tips to help keep you on your budget!
gmeinna presents Your Financial Planning: 10 Tips to Make a Solid Budget posted at BobbyFinance.

Quick tips on how to be frugal and the benefits of doing so. Worry less about impressing others and live for yourself!
Rita P presents Live a frugal life and be stress free posted at Digital Spikes

Not everything you own has to be fancy. While quality is very important you don’t always need to get the most high-end item.
Greg presents Embrace Having Cheap Tastes posted at ThriftGenuity

4 thoughts on “Friday Blog Carnival Time!

    1. Your welcome! It was a great post about something most people don’t seem to talk about much. Pricier is better is usually what people think, but its not the best always.

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