How to get a Free Shiny New Bumper

Picked up my car this afternoon from the auto-body shop. Such a shiny unblemished bumper!

I was extremely excited to go pick up my car from the auto-body shop. I’ve been driving around a rental car for the past week, and it’s just not the same as my car. I was amazed to see how shiny and flawless my back bumper is now! The dented panel between my light and bumper has also been entirely replaced. The auto-body shop did a great job and I’m extremely satisfied.

So let me tell you how to get a free shiny new bumper for your car. Simply drive to a parking lot, park and stand around a little bit away from your car, then wait until someone backs into your car! You’ll be right there to catch them in the act! Well, that’s certainly not what I did. Plus I don’t recommend you do that either! I happened to be running some errands and on my last one, I was walking back to my car when I stopped to wait for a truck to back out. Unfortunately, that truck backed into my poor car. It wasn’t a pleasant experience at all, and I’ve spent a good 6 hours or so dealing with the aftermath. In the end, I have a shiny new bumper and everything has been repaired. I definitely wish it never happened, but at least I was lucky enough to be standing right there to catch the driver.

This entire experience, I’ve had to deal with many different people and companies. The driver who hit my car, their insurance company, my insurance company, the auto-body shop, and the car rental company. Not everything went extremely smoothly as you’ll find out in a moment. I’m glad it’s all over now and that I have my car back!

Dealing with the other driver
I’ve had previous experiences with other drivers who weren’t so nice. One denied it outright, another basically b*tched me out. Both times, they hit my car and they ended up paying for it or their insurance did. This driver was the calmest and nicest person. He wanted to settle it privately at first but eventually decided to go through his insurance. Auto-body shops aren’t the cheapest with the cost of paint and how long it takes to fix your car. The cost to fix it was about $1,000 not including 5 days of car rental. I was doing my best to be calm, but I did have that outburst in the beginning.

Insurance companies
I reported the incident to my insurance company just in case. You never know what the other driver will say to theirs. Fortunately, they admitted fault to their insurance and the company did all they could to fix my car up. They paid for the repairs and for the rental car.

Auto-body shop
I was able to pick my own auto-body shop since the other driver’s insurance was covering this. If I had gone through my own insurance I probably would have to use who they recommended. I went with a shop that I’ve used before and had a good experience with. They guarantee their work and they do a wonderful job. If you see any issues when you go to pick up your car, they’ll try to fix it right away. It’s very important to go with an auto-body shop you can trust.

Rental car company
The other driver’s insurance set up an appointment with Enterprise for me. Their other option was Hertz, but I went with Enterprise because I’ve used them before. They were extremely courteous and nice. Unfortunately there was a mix up about the extra protection they offer. On the day of renting the car, I had gone to the nearest Enterprise office. They didn’t have any more cars available and shuttled me to the next location about 15 minutes away. There, we went through the paperwork. The associate had asked if I wanted extra protection that they offered for $11 a day and I declined. Unfortunately, she didn’t hear me correctly. I also made the mistake of not looking at the paperwork thoroughly enough. I discovered my mistake today after dropping off the rental when they tried to charge me for it. I explained and argued my way through it and they were kind enough to fix that. Whoosh! Could’ve ended badly if they weren’t a good company. I’m usually really good about checking paperwork, but I guess not this time. Lesson learned for the future.

I estimate that I spent about 6 hours or so taking care of the aftermath. The great thing is that my poor back bumper is now absolutely flawless! It hasn’t been that way since I moved out to Los Angeles 5 years ago and experienced the lovely effects of bumper parking. That’s where the driver tries to parallel park but has no sense of how close they are to another car. They back into the spot until they hit the car behind them, then pull forward until they hit the car in front, and so on until they finally are in the space. Luckily I now park in a lovely big garage! No one had better mar my bumper now! if I catch them in the act, they are definitely not going to get off easily!

Have you ever had a car accident that ended up working in your favor?

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  1. I always rent a car in my vacation. It gives me comfort the more than commuting by a public transportation. For a couple of days I want to mesmerize every minute in the spot where the wheels brought me.

    1. I would love to know what you would do in Rome! The cars and scooters there were so insane I don’t think I would even have the nerve to drive there.

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