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Photo Credit: jackie.bonette via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: jackie.bonette via Compfight cc

When birthdays and holidays come around, I love shopping for the cutest card to send. Admittedly this isn’t the most earth-friendly or money saving thing to do. Plus there are so many birthdays throughout the year that if I send a card every single time, I would have to save up money for this alone! I can always grab a card for 99 cents, but then there’s the fancier cards like Papyrus that can be up to $10! There are a load of options now that can save you money, time, and make it a more earth-friendly habit! I still prefer the old fashioned way of sending someone a greeting card, but there is also the option to send e-cards instead. There are even services that let you buy the card online and they will send a physical card for you!

Go for the recycled option
First thing I do when I find a card I like is to flip it over to see if it’s recycled. I’d much rather send someone a birthday card made from recycled paper than a poor tree that just got chopped down. There are a lot of card companies that now use recycled paper for their cards. Finding one isn’t that hard actually. All you have to do is flip it around to the back and take a look. Sometimes, there will be a whole section advertising cards made of recycled paper. Being earth-friendly is the trendy thing to do for businesses. They will surely show it off somewhere where you can easily see it.

Buying cards online and having them send it
This really cuts down on your time and transportation costs! If you need a card fast and don’t want to run out just to get it, then this is for you! Just browse online to choose a card and they will print and ship it for you. The drawback to this though is that there might not be a recycled paper option and you don’t get to see the quality of their cards. I haven’t been able to find a company that ships cards for you with recycled paper cards at all. If anyone knows of any, please tell me! Here are two online stores with different kinds of greeting cards and different price ranges.

The Greeting Card Shop
These cards are only $1.99 each! If you have them send the card, then you still pay the stamp price though.

Card Store
Pricier options with three different levels of cards. The premium brand is about $3.69 and is from Papyrus, standard is the mid level, and value starting at $1.09 a card.

Send e-cards instead
Yet another way to save money and the earth. Many e-cards are free to send but can be pretty ugly. They are easy to personalize and of course they don’t use any paper at all! For people who actually check their, email this may be the way to go.

American Greetings
You can send e-cards here and print your own too!

For artsy e-cards that any art lover will like.

Make your own cards
When I have time and I’m feeling crafty, I just make my own cards! It’s fun and I know that it’s the thought and not the price of the card that people care about. Of course, for occasions like weddings I would just buy one. Better yet, if you have kids set them to work! Grandma would like nothing better than a card from her grandchildren. No $10 card could ever top that.

This all reminds me that I need to send a birthday card to my mom actually. Better get on that! Greeting cards are still great to send for special occasions. Also you’ll be supporting the USPS who definitely needs the help these days.

How do you tell someone happy birthday? Are you a fan of sending greeting cards via snail mail or through email?

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