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How we enjoy and play music has definitely changed in the last twenty years. It’s crazy how we don’t even need much to play music now. We can play it on our computers, from a tiny mp3 player, off our phones, and of course there’s still the radio too! Music has evolved in such a way that it’s become much more earth-friendly, and it’s cheap or free to get!

Remember the days when we had to actually play records? My sister and I loved to play them at a fast speed so that they would sound like chipmunks. Next, we were absolutely fascinated with tape cassettes. We had to have a Sony Walkman. Mixed tapes were the ultimate gift to give since they took so much work to create. I would spend hours pressing record and stop over and over again until I had the perfect mixed tape. After that came CD’s. Totally so much better than tapes! You could even skip entire songs!

Now, we don’t even really need anything physical to play music other than the player itself. Most people just have libraries of digital files that they can carry around with them on tiny mp3 players. Then there’s the free music players like Pandora and Spotify! Whichever way you listen to music, it’s now significantly cheaper or free even. You don’t even need to buy CD’s anymore. All you do is buy the digital files instead. While you don’t get the album artwork or the song lyrics, most people are doing it this way now.


This makes music a lot more earth-friendly! Since you don’t need to buy physical CD’s to get music anymore, the amount of waste that goes into the packaging is saved. Music players are also now so tiny that the amount of materials used is very little. In many cases, people use their computers or phone to play music and don’t need a separate music player.

Saves Money

Buying the digital files costs less than buying a CD. Better yet, you can just buy the songs you want instead of the entire CD. I remember buying singles when they came out. Then of course you had to buy the entire album if you liked the single! Most of the time there were always a few songs that I could have done without.

Music players are decently priced and can hold a lot more songs on it than a CD or tape can. You also need only one music player to play music. Before, to play CD’s you needed a CD player, to play tapes a tape player, a record to play a record and so on. Music players can usually handle different file types so you can just load them on. I have never bought a portable music player actually. Since I am in front of my computer for quite a few hours of day, I just use that to play music.

Free music via Pandora and Spotify and the radio

You don’t even need to buy music at all to listen to it! The radio has always been around and is still going strong, but there are other ways to play music for free. Pandora and Spotify are great examples of this. There are still ads to put up with but much less than the radio. It’s a good way to be able to check out similar artists and save money and resources.

How do you listen to you music?

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    1. I love hoe technology makes it so easy to access something. Don’t have to worry about a cd getting scratched or the tape getting pulled out of the cassette and tangled. Then again digital files can still get corrupted and of course our phones and music players aren’t indestructible either! There’s less that can get damaged though!

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