Happy Independence Day!

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Happy Independence Day America! It’s time for good food and fireworks! Also, a time to remember that today marks the day we officially became our own country. Many years have passed since then, but every year that we celebrate on July 4th, we can take a bit of time to remember that.

I’ll be heading off for some partying tonight at the Queen Mary. We’ll see how that goes. Crazy mobs of people and then fireworks at night. It should be a fun time. Usually, I would stay around home and invite a few people over for a small BBQ. Los Angeles likes to have fireworks shows in many different areas. We can see snippets of several from our balcony with a good view.

Whatever you’re doing today though, have fun! Holidays are great days for a nice break from real life.

Of course, a few tips to keep your holiday earth-friendly and money-friendly.

Don’t go Overboard
It’s easy to spend too much during the holidays. July 4th isn’t quite the most spendy holiday. Christmas takes that distinction. There’s still a lot of ways you can spend money though. Fireworks can be very expensive especially if you get the big showy kinds. I myself love playing with roman candles and sparklers. It’s when you get into holding your own fireworks show that the price goes up. Leave the fireworks shows for others and save your money instead.

Set up a Recycling Bag
Whether you’re having people over or just relaxing with a few beers, don’t forget to recycle! Guests will certainly recycle if they see a bag or bin set up for them.

Clean up Afterwards
If you’re at home, of course you’re going to clean up. If you’re in a park or out somewhere, you should be doing the same. There’s nothing worse than the aftermath of a celebration when all you see is trash lying around. If you’re setting off any fireworks, try to pick those up after they’ve totally died off. You definitely wouldn’t want to stumble across any used sparkler sticks on your lawn.

How are you spending your Independence Day?

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