The Addiction to Deal Sites

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When Groupon first started up, everyone was into it. It’s an awesome site to get great deals on local restaurants, spas, services, products, and many other things. Then shortly after Groupon started getting really popular, other deal sites suddenly popped up. Now there are so many deal sites that it gets hard to keep track of. Even mothers and grandmothers are buying deals now! Referrals don’t work anymore because 99% of the population has already been on Groupon or Living Social. While deal sites are generally handy and an easy way to save money, they can also suck you in. You can end up buying tons of deals you don’t really need. I know people who buy almost every deal they can. They can’t even use all of it and end up with the promotional amount expiring. You can still use the amount you actually paid for, but then what’s the point?

Depending on the person, deal sites can be a great tool to save money on services or restaurants you already frequent. Be wary though, sometimes deals are just too good to be true. Always research the company before buying the deal. Some of these businesses are just starting out or have horrible reviews and customer service.

Using Deal Sites Wisely
I’ve been sucked in before where I ended buying so many Groupon deals. It got to the point where I was considered a frequent customer and started getting special offers. A $5 off your next Groupon deal for example. Even though I did end up using every deal I purchased, I still probably spent more money than I usually would have. Now, I just buy deals when I’m looking for something specific. If someone’s birthday is coming up I’ll pay a visit to deal sites to see how I can see money. I’ve cut off simple browsing and buying a deal just because it’s a good deal. I have to have a good reason to buy it.

Deal sites can definitely save you a lot of money, but only on items you were already going to purchase. It’s the same thing that happens with coupons sometimes. You end up buying a product you wouldn’t have just because you have a coupon. Only buy the deals you really want and will use. Don’t buy it just because it’s a good deal.

Pay Attention to the Promotion End Date
One of the worst things with deals is that they expire at some point! You can still use the money you actually paid, but then you basically missed out on the promotion. Essentially, that deal is no longer a deal after the promotional period expires. So pay attention to those dates to get good use out of your money.

Asking the Deal Site for your Money Back
If you end up not being able to use the deal, then go ahead and ask the deal site for your money back. Sometimes, the business won’t take the deals anymore. The deal site should return your money in this situation. All you have to do is contact them.

Cashback Options
Discover cardholders get 10% cash back on Groupon and 5% on Living Social. Chase cardholders can get 2% cash back on Groupon and 3% on Living Social. Just go through their online rewards shopping link and you’ll get even more savings on a good deal! Make sure you always check to see if you can get any cash back. Why not make a good deal an even better deal?

Email Subscriptions
For myself, I canceled all my email subscriptions. It made it entirely too easy for me to buy more deals I didn’t need. Having the emails delivered to me daily was just too tempting. Maybe you have better willpower than I do, but this strategy works for me.

How do you take advantage of deal sites? Do you buy deals like crazy or do you buy only what you really want?

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