No-Spending Days and Negative-Spending Days

Ever heard of a no-spending day? That’s when you try your hardest to not spend any money at all! Enjoy some free activities, eat food that you already have in the fridge, don’t buy anything new, basically a free day! Most of the money I spend ends up being on the weekends, so weekdays are mostly no-spending days for me. My husband and I usually go grocery shopping on the weekend for our lunches and dinners. We rarely eat out for lunch on weekdays.

Having a no-spending day on a weekend though is a hard feat to pull off! It’s hard to plan your weekend without spending money, unless all you do is sit around at home! Well, sometimes that is nice on the weekends. Try having a no-spending day for yourself. You’ll find that it’s quite liberating and feels great to not spend any money. It might feel a lot more effortless to only do free things rather than trying to find ways to save money on everything.

A negative-spending day takes it even further. The idea of a negative-spending day is one where you do activities that actually save you money. Those activities, if they outweigh anything you actually spent money on, make it a negative-spending day. For example, this morning I cut my husband’s hair, so that saved us $22 he would have spent otherwise! So we started off today with a -$22 balance! I like to calculate how much we could have spent subtracted by the amount we actually spent. It’s just a weird thing I like to do to keep myself going forward. It helps me keep on track for my goals, and it makes me less lazy to do things to save money.

Entirely negative-spending days are admittedly few and far in between. It rarely ever happens, but it’s nice when it does! Most days, I just try for a no-spending day. Those are much easier to achieve. Negative-spending days are harder to come by since I have to actually do something to get there.

Today, we started off the morning with my husband’s haircut, then later on I took my own passport photo. Well technically, my husband took the photo, then I color corrected it and cut it out to the exact specifications. Adding those activities together saved us $26.99! Unfortunately, we also had to get groceries today and there is a nice fee to renew passports. Groceries cost $33.90, the passport renewal fee was $110. So today we spent $143.90. It could’ve been $170.89 though! By doing things ourselves, we were able to cut down on the money we spent today.

Do you ever have no-spending days? What about negative-spending days?

2 thoughts on “No-Spending Days and Negative-Spending Days

  1. I think I have had a few no spending days. The best ones are a bike ride to the library for books, cd’s, and a movie. Read some and then watch a movie at the end of the day. I like those days because if I would have bought the books, cd’s or movies, it would cost quite a bit, but all free at the library.
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    1. No spending days are awesome. Hope you don’t mind, but I think I’ll borrow your version and try it myself next time. I used to buy way too many books and movies, unfortunately they mostly just take up a lot of space and aren’t worth much when selling it.

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