Culver Expo 2013

100% natural cotton eco-friendly bag from Convention Totes.
100% natural cotton eco-friendly bag from Convention Totes.

A few things combined led me to attending the Culver Expo today. My curiosity, a timely email from Sizzler letting me know of their booth there, and a slow work day. I’m so glad I was able to check out this expo! It was a wonderful gathering of local businesses from Culver City, old and new, small and big. From food to janitorial cleaning, a lot of the businesses in Culver City were working it today. It was a great way to interact with local businesses and to get some free samples and food too! Culver City is pretty good on their earth-friendly ways, so I was excited to see what eco-friendly businesses they would have.

I’m lucky that I was able to go when it first started. Even then, I ended up parking at the very last lot they had available. By the time I left though, people had to resort to stalking to get a parking spot. I’m sure even the side streets were filled too. I spent about an hour there and learned about great new businesses that just opened or will open. Some eco-friendly businesses for custom bags, how to green your life, restaurants, home decor, and all sorts of businesses across a wide spectrum. I naturally gravitated towards the restaurants and eco-friendly businesses.

Here’s a few highlights of the businesses I liked the most.

Copenhagen Pastry
I was delighted to find one of my favorite pastry shops at the expo! They serve Danish pastries that are extremely light, airy, just sweet enough, and oh so perfect. I come here as often as my wallet allows and hope their business continues to grow. They were giving out smaller sized versions of the pastries they sell in store. Yummy!

Convention Totes
Their display of colorful bags caught my eye at first, plus the cute “I ♥ Culver City” tote bag they had displayed on the table! I was even more interested when I noticed that the tote bag they were giving away was made of 100% natural cotton. Eco-friendly bag!!! They do custom bags in many different styles and colors. Their website has some eco-friendly options too.

Wildlife Eco Station
On first glance at the fake leaves covering the table, I thought this was some kind of army recruitment table. It reminded me of camouflage. On second glance though, the woman behind the table didn’t look military at all and was holding a small snake! She was holding Nina, a snake rescued from an abusive home that neglected to properly care for her. She’s up for adoption now. I had no awareness at all of this non-profit business that rescues exotic wildlife and then puts them up for adoption (well, the animals that can be adopted). Some exotic wildlife cannot be adopted because they are considered illegal. They offer tours of their facilities on Fridays and the weekend. I’m curious to check it out one day to help a good cause and educate myself on this subject.

I love how stores like this are popping up to make it easier to go green. All different kinds of home decor, cleaning products, and baby stuff, all in one place. When there are multiple brands of eco-friendly products side by side, it really makes it simpler to do price comparisons. Otherwise, you’re just stuck with the expensive eco-friendly option versus the non eco-friendly option. It creates more competition for eco-friendly brands which will hopefully lead to more reasonable prices in the end.

LA Spice
A new restaurant that just opened up recently! They use fresh seasonal ingredients from local farms. They had an interesting and yummy avocado chilled soup. Looks like a good new place to try.

Muddy Leek
Another new restaurant that has opened up lately. New American cuisine they said. Very fresh ingredients at a place with quite an interesting name. Another place on my list to try.

Check out your local newspaper or website to see if they happen to have an expo like this! I happened to stumble upon this by chance, but I loved the experience. It was such a good way to experience local businesses in a new way. Explore what’s new and how older businesses are changing or keeping up.

Have you ever been to a city expo like this? How was your experience?

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