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Fancy toilet paper? Is it edged with gold leaf? Made out of the highest premium paper fibers possible? Made out of silk? If there is such a thing please, please tell me, because I would love to be able to see that just once in my life. When I say fancy toilet paper, I’m talking about brand name super soft tp. The stuff that costs quite a bit to keep your butt happy. It usually ends up being a higher price than just normal tp, and generally most brand names aren’t earth friendly either.

When did it become essential to buy the softest, thickest, most luxurious toilet paper possible? Tp is technically a luxury item that’s pretty recent. We used to use leaves instead. Or possibly nothing at all. In the US, we apparently use toilet paper like no other. Rolls and rolls of it disappear like crazy. In Europe I hear they try to conserve it as much as possible. I’m sure some countries in other parts of the world don’t even have the luxury we do. Toilet paper is a one time use item, and it’s quite sad to know we chopped down a tree just to make toilet paper out of it. If I buy recycled, then at least it’s not made directly from a tree.

If I wanted to save the most money, I would just head on over to Costco and buy it in bulk. Of course, I also want to find the most earth-friendly tp possible. It’s not that easy to find one that is inexpensive and made from recycled fibers. It’s worth putting a little time and research into this though, as it is one of our must have items after all! Other than rationing out your tp, which I can imagine might not go so well, how else can we conserve the earth’s resources and save some money too?

Ta da! The solution for me is to head on over to Trader Joe’s! They have a lovely 12 pack roll of tp for $4.50. These are actually double rolls even though they don’t advertise as such. Amazingly, Trader Joe’s sells their recycled tp for less than the same equivalent of a brand name tp. How do I know this? My hubby and I happened to be at Target, and I knew we were down to our last roll at home. So I picked up a 12 pack of double Angel Soft rolls. It even had a fifty cent coupon attached to the package to use. When we arrived home, I realized that even with the coupon, I had ended up paying more for non-recycled tp than the Trader’s Joe’s version. Angel Soft is even one of the more inexpensive brand names!

If you don’t have a Trader Joe’s nearby, then research a little bit to see what’s available to you. Stores might carry their own brands and could be a good way to go. For me, it was worth the effort to research it to get a good comparison. Maybe one day tp will be on the “Price is Right” on the day I get picked to be a contestant!

Even your toilet paper can help you save the earth and money! One little square at a time. It’s an odd thing to think about at first, but makes total sense to me now!

Are you a fancy tp user? Or do you use the most basic tp to save money?

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