A Prius v update

Let's_Save_the_World_CVAs my hubby and I were driving home today in our Prius v, an entirely odd thing happened to us. When we were stopped at a light, we noticed a 10 year-old boy on the sidewalk give us a thumbs up and point at our car. I initially thought he might have been looking at someone across the street, then realized he was pointing at us. He then called out “I like your Prius!” As the light turned green and we started driving off, he yelled out “Save the world!” I waved and smiled at this odd encounter.

I didn’t realize that driving a Prius v would give us a thumbs up approval from strangers, especially little kids. Those are usually saved for Lamborghinis and Ferraris. It was a nice moment when that happened though! Kids can be pretty amazing!

I’ve been intending to write an update about our new car. So I’ll take today’s events as a sign that I should write it tonight.

Our 50 mpg went down to 46 mpg with regular driving. After a few weeks of getting used to it, it’s now at 49.2. Sometimes it goes up, sometimes down. My theory is that it goes down when my hubby drives it, up when I drive it. He’s had to get used to a bigger change from his old car to this Prius v. The driving is much different and for now he thinks of it as a game. He has warned me though that he’ll probably get tired of it and start driving more normally. Even so, our mpg is still pretty high!

Paying for Gas
Love the savings here! So far we’ve been filling up every 2 weeks and it has cost about $33 each time. The Infiniti used to be around $50 and needed filling each week with premium gas. We’ve been driving the Prius nearly every single day also. Whoever has to drive the furthest gets to take it each day. Not having to fill up with premium gas makes a good difference. Of course, the biggest is the mpg and much smaller gas tank capacity.

Getting used to driving differently
Getting used to the Prius v was much easier for me than my husband. He’s going from a car with a powerful engine that can speed up quickly. I am used to a car with very little power and I already practice hyper-milling. Even so, it’s taken some time for the two of us to get used to the Prius v. To get the best mpg possible, the Prius v literally is designed to speed up slowly. The biggest mpg killer is speeding up quickly and just burning through gas. While the Prius v does have a power mode that allows it to drive closer to a normal gas only car, it really defeats the purpose to use it in that mode all the time. Mpg will still be higher than normal, but not as good as keeping it at default.

We both love our new car! We of course would much rather want a nice Tesla or Audi, but neither are affordable nor sensible. Other goals we have will hopefully be reached because of our sacrifice. Having a nice car isn’t our main priority anyway.

Would you give a thumbs up to a Prius? How about buying one for yourself if you don’t already have one?

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