Confessions: I’m a Chocolate Addict

Dear Readers,

I have an important confession to make. I am absolutely, undeniably, addicted to chocolate. Any form of chocolate, other than Hershey’s milk chocolate which tastes like wax. I have no excuses. I need my chocolate fix every single day. Dark chocolate, peanut butter, fancy truffles, chocolate in a candy shell, chocolate in a candy bar…it doesn’t matter, I love it all!

I’ve even gotten to the point where I’ve bought the huge pound plus giant chocolate bar from Trader Joe’s. Well, it could be seen as a smart move though, buying my chocolate in bulk knowing I’m going to need it.

No matter how much I’m willing to sacrifice, this is one item that will stay! It’s a good thing that it’s generally a low cost item and isn’t harmful to my health. In fact, since I eat mostly dark chocolate, I can argue that it’s good for me! I try not to buy the pricey stuff though. No daily trips to Godiva or other fancy chocolate shops. I stick mostly to what I can get at the store. Trader Joe’s always has good low cost options!

Everyone has something that they aren’t willing to give up entirely. Hopefully, whatever that is for you is something that isn’t harmful and is inexpensive! You can still make changes to your habits to at least not indulge in it quite as often, or you can try a lower cost option. I’d say for all the other things I do to save money, this is one area where I’m willing to mostly let it be. It actually probably helps you stay focused on saving money in other areas, if you are allowed to indulge in at least one thing. Cutting out everything you love is a very big challenge. For me, choosing one thing to keep makes that challenge much easier.

Saving money isn’t about giving up everything you enjoy; it’s about changing your lifestyle and habits to give up the more expensive things and finding low cost alternatives. Keeping a small indulgence like chocolate really isn’t going to break the bank. You need to find the things that really are costing you money and cut those things out as much as possible. Examples of this could be luxury cars, Starbucks coffee daily, eating out almost every single day, needing the latest electronics, and so on and so forth. Find out what little things keep you going. Many times these things can be free or inexpensive.

What is your one small indulgence you allow yourself?

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