Weird Little Things I do to Save Money, or Just Being Lazy

Piles of cash! Wish I could find this somewhere just lying around.
Piles of cash! Wish I could find this somewhere just lying around.

Sometimes I find myself doing little things to save money and be earth-friendly that I am not even aware of anymore. I probably started doing it because it makes sense to me, and now it is all just habit. Read on and tell me if I am truly trying to save money and be earth-friendly, or just being ultra lazy. I suspect sometimes it’s the latter.

Eating out of the pot
When I am eating a meal alone or have just made a big pot of ramen, a lot of times I end up just eating directly out of the pot. I figure then I do not have to wash extra dishes so save a tiny bit of water and dish soap. Actually, my hubby does this too. I think it’s probably part laziness too. We also sometimes just use the same bowl for cereal or oatmeal. If he is finished eating I will just reuse his bowl, and vice versa. Overall, its not like a formal dinner party and it saves us time in the end.

Using as much daylight as possible
I am actually doing this right now. During the day I open up the blinds as wide as possible to let in the light! Then I try to just use daylight for as long as possible before turning on the lights. I figure as long as I can see well enough to not bump into things I am fine. Of course, if I am using a knife then lights on for safety.

Coin rolling

This is extremely tedious and kind of gross sometimes. I just intensely dislike the thought of using a Coinstar machine to count my coins when I can do it myself for free. This way I keep as much money as possible instead of giving away fees to Coinstar. It is the miser in me.

Ripping paper napkins in half
Hilariously enough, I just went to a place last weekend that literally cut their paper napkins in half! It was the first time I have ever seen that at a restaurant! It was at a pricey Korean tea and coffee place! For the amount they charge for their drinks, you would think they would have enough money for napkins. At home, I have cloth napkins I try to use as much as possible! When I have to use paper napkins, I tend to rip them in half for myself. My hubby ends up using the entire napkin, but I find that I only use a little. So rip the napkin in half and save some trees and money.

Taking showers as fast as possible
I absolutely love my showers and take much too long in there. It is so relaxing though to wash my hair with nicely scented shampoo. I feel guilty about how much water I am using every now and then, and then I go into fast pace shower mode. Ever heard of the 5 minute shower? I try to do everything as quickly as possible to save water! I have no idea if I ever reach under 5 minutes, one day I will need my hubby to time me.

Bringing my own containers for takeout
With the size of portions in restaurants, more than likely I will end up taking home half my meal. I have been trying to do this more often, not quite successful yet, as I often forget. I bring along my own container to put my leftovers in. I usually do not microwave styrofoam or plastic because of the potential hazards, so in the end I transfer it to another container anyway. This way I skip the takeout container entirely!

Keeping all kinds of takeout containers
If I end up taking something to go, and see that it’s a nice sturdy container, I will wash it out and reuse it as many times as possible before recycling it. I figure that it is free tupperware! My in-laws take this even further and save basically every single takeout container they get. They are the ultimate re-users!

Are there any little things that you find yourself doing to save money and the earth? Do you think I am being sensible or just lazy?

5 thoughts on “Weird Little Things I do to Save Money, or Just Being Lazy

  1. do you not know that a lot of banks have coin counters that will do it for free? at least the US bank in my building at work does. You throw it in a machine and I think it spits out a piece of paper for you to deposit. you should find out instead of always rolling it yourself.

    also, that’s so funny about the napkins. we buy the Kirkland brand so they are pretty big. I always tear it in half and chris makes fun of me. turns out mel takes it even further and tears it in 4!!! ha ha. that would work for me though since I never use much of the napkin.

    1. I have heard of those, but I haven’t actually been able to find one. We have Bank of America and when we tried to deposit coins they gave us coin wrappers!

      Haha yeah paper napkins! Mel would do that:p Super mom. I have to sew some cloth napkins for you when I have time. Save you some money!

  2. ahhh my comment didn’t post. I hate that! gahhh!!!

    1.) my us bank has a coin counter that counts it and then gives you a slip of paper to deposit. you should look into that instead of rolling it yourself!

    2.) that is funny about the napkins! we buy the Kirkland brand so they are pretty big. I always tear them in half and chris calls them “Chinese napkins”. well we have been hanging out with mel a lot and she takes it even further by tearing them in 4s! ha ha. the ultimate Chinese napkin.

  3. ohh there’s my first comment! ha ha. it said it was a duplicate and then it wasn’t showing when I refreshed!!! oh well.

    1. Well it finally showed up! I also moderate my comments just in case for spam. I think you’re considered an approved user now though.

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