The Pursuit of Green’s First Ever Blog Carnival!

Happy Friday! What is a blog carnival you say? It is a collection of great posts from other blogs! It is something common in the blogging world to promote blogging and circulate other great posts. I tried my hand at getting submissions for today, but only received one that was viable. So I have included posts from some of the blogs I like to follow. Enjoy!

Amanda Baley presents
Raising chickens outside Atlanta | Foodie Mama Talks posted at Foodie Mama Talks

Kristina presents
Get outside and DIY this summer posted at Dinks Finance

J Money presents
Happily Squished: Learning to Live in 270 Sq. Ft. posted at Budgets are Sexy

Josh presents
Are Credit Card Rewards Actually Free? posted at Modest Money

Jacob presents
The Size of Your Emergency Fund Should Be In Inverse Proportion to the Stability of Your Income posted at My Personal Finance Journey

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