Racking up the Birthday Freebies

This is a follow up of my freebies post the other day. If you have not had the time to take a look at that, then you do not know what free stuff you are missing out on!

Check it out here:

Freebies Galore!

It is the end of my birthday weekend and I have been doing a pretty good job of using birthday freebies! By the time I have used all the birthday freebies I think I will use, it will amount to over $90! Pretty good birthday gift if I do say so.

Sephora – $12 I got a mini mascara and highlighter sample here. Estimated at $12!

The Body Shop – $10 Have not used this yet, but it is for the entire month of June. Free $10 of products.

Godiva – $10 I have not hit up Godiva yet, but definitely will use this. With the amount of chocolate I go through in a week, this is such a nice birthday gift.

Palmilla – $40 On the night of my birthday my hubby surprised me with a new restaurant we both have never tried before. It was a wonderful dinner with great food and service. Plus, a really great birthday freebie! Complimentary meal and dessert! Great find hubby!

Rubios – $6.99 The coupon they give you is valid for any item/entree up to $7. Used this and also got a free reusable bag. They had a promotion this weekend where you bring in a coupon and they give you a bag.

The Veggie Grill – $12.21 Free entree for the birthday girl! Love going here because everything is vegetarian and delicious! Their “chicken” is very well done.

Total $91.11

Go get those birthday freebies! Who says you cannot get anything for free anymore?

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