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Let us try something new! City versus city based on factors of earth-friendliness, cost of living, transportation, and my own personal opinion! Keep in mind that I lived in NY for several months as a student years ago. Los Angeles and New York are two big cities that most everyone knows about and very likely have visited at some point in their lives. It seems like many people actually travel back and forth between the two frequently. I know people who lived in LA who have moved to NY, and vice versa. Both cities are different in their own ways, but both are high cost cities that strive to do their best to help the environment.


I would have to say that both LA and NY are head to head in this category. I can recycle basically anything I want in both cities, and the biggest difference is how they sort. LA takes plastics 1-7, styrofoam, aluminum, steel, and paper in a mixed recycling bin. Every stand alone house gets bins they roll out to the curb along with their trash bins. For large residential apartment complexes, usually green dumpsters. Residences are required to have recycling available, businesses on the other hand do not. In NY, usually there are bins that residents have to sort their recycling in. This may help recyclables keep clean, but not having to sort may also encourage recycling.


NY wins hands down when it comes to transportation that is better for the environment. The majority of New Yorkers use public transportation while people in LA drive everywhere. Obviously that keeps a lot of carbon out of the air! Public transportation in LA is only reliable in certain areas. West LA happens to have three different bus lines which makes it much easier to get around. Most of LA though is only the MTA which can be unreliable and take a long time. The subway here is limited and only goes to certain areas. It definitely cannot cover the large area of LA.

An NYC MTA monthly subway pass is $112. Most people will end up taking a taxi or two in the span of a month, so let’s add $40 for taxi fees. That adds up to $152 a month for transportation. Walking is free, so we cannot count that in! For LA we have to calculate car payments, gas, and car insurance! For one month I pay about $100 in gas, $70 for car insurance, and $210 in car payments. That is considering that we have two cars and I’m halving the cost of both. Amount for transportation per month adds up to $380!


This category I have to give it to LA! With my lifestyle I tend to eat in on the weekdays and go out only on the weekends. We cook a lot at home and save a lot of money that way. For myself and my hubby, food is one category we can save money on easily.

For New Yorkers, the typical lifestyle is to eat out for every single meal. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. With the tiny kitchens in NY, I can imagine how cooking at home can be troublesome. Even if you cook at home in NY, the general cost of groceries is higher than in LA, thus food is pricier in NY no matter what.


72 and sunny! Nothing can beat LA weather! I am extremely spoiled when it comes to nice breezy sunny days. NY has the full 4 seasons to cycle through, but the winters are cold and the summers are stifling hot and humid.

I love going to NYC for vacation, but I do not want to live there. LA is fine for me! There are many things I wish that LA was better at, e.g. the traffic, but I definitely prefer living in LA. A lot of that comes down to the fact that I want to raise a family in a few years. When that happens I want to be living in my own house. Something that is basically impossible to do in NY for the average person.

What city do you like best? LA or NY?

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