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There is nothing like coming home after spending a few days away! It feels so good to be sitting in our own apartment and being able to relax on our own couch. We made it safely across the country in the metal gas filled contraption (aka airplane) and staggered in today a little before 5. We only went out once to grab some groceries and have stayed home since then. Feels great to be back in Los Angeles, the cabbies are not as crazy, the weather is beautiful as always, and we get to sleep in our own bed tonight! I am so excited to go to sleep tonight!

Before that though, let me take you through the rest of my damage assessment in New York. Then of course, tally it all up to see how much it all was!


What a change in weather this day was! First 4 days of unrelenting heat, then cloudy with a downpour! Sunday night really cooled things off after a night shower. Much cooler weather, but rain droplets as fat as bees is not so fun. We ended up spending all our money on food only! We did splurge a bit on dinner though!

Food – $150

Brunch – Gloria’s $20

Another cheap eats place that was so delicious! There are a lot of mixed ethnic food places in NY which are inexpensive and fun to try. Gloria’s was featured on Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations show at some point. Caribbean influenced by Indian. I ordered a pumpkin roti roll which ended up being way too much food for myself. Hubby ordered a plate of rice and beans, goat curry, plantains, and callaloo. Both portions were pretty big even though the plate was the smaller size portion! The goat curry was definitely the best I have had yet.

Coffee – Ground Support $8

As we started walking to this coffee place to meet up with a friend, it started drizzling and raining. By the time we hopped in, the rain had turned into big fat droplets. Good thing we got there when we did. There is nothing like watching it rain, safely indoors of course. We revived on some tea and coffee and chips as we caught up with our friend. An old co-worker who moved to New York 2 years ago!

Dinner – Barbone $122

It happened to us that Monday was the only day a lot of our friends could make it out. We ended up having a group of 10 people for dinner, with varying degrees of friendship. Some did not know each other at all, some were friends, some only knew of the other, overall a big mixed group. Unfortunately, 2 were stuck in Chicago while trying to fly back from the west coast. Another, could not make it in the end. Still a good time with our group of 7, a lucky number. Hubby and I splurged a bit on dinner for our last night. We opted to get a 5 course tasting menu and a regular entree. The tasting menu was entirely worth it though! We were both full to bursting at the end even though we were having everyone try each dish. Every dish was so tasty and we ended our trip on a very good note.

Total Damage for Day 5: $150


The worst part about going on a trip is getting to and from the location. Airports these day are not fun to go to at all. They used to be something I would look forward to. Either going to the gate to surprise someone coming, or just the actual experience of flying. Needless to say, traveling is now a pain rather than pleasure. It is simply a way to get to your destination, rather than a good experience.

Transportation – MTA and Taxi $34.80

We had to refill our MTA card once more to use the Airtrain to JFK. Then, since we came back in the middle of the day, we grabbed a taxi to take us home. Since we live close to the airport it luckily did not add up too much.


We got food at the airport…one thing I try to avoid for sure. It was a more convenient option today though.

Total Damage for today’s travels: $52.86

Time to add everything up and see what the total damage was! Including the flight too!

Flight $352.80

Hubby had almost enough airline miles for a free ticket, so he dropped a bit of mula to buy the extra miles to get his ticket free. So the airplane tickets price ended up being pretty good.


For two people, 5.5 days of vacation time, that is about $188 a day for everything! With the airfare cost spread out across all 5.5 days. I would say that we did pretty well to try to spend less. Definitely there are areas we could have done better to save money, like the tasting menu dinner. The two of us like having our fun, and being able to spend a little more every now and then to keep us going. It is very hard to always budget and save. If we splurge a little bit every now and then, then it is a lot easier to keep going.

How much money do you end up spending on trips? Do you budget for trips or just splurge since it is your vacation?


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  1. You should talk about buying carbon offsets when you fly! Everyone has mixed opinions on whether it’s just a big scam, but it would be interesting for you to do some research and write about it. Love you!

  2. Definitely thought of that, but decided that could be a subject with its own post. I always think about doing that, but haven’t tried yet. Look for it in the future!

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