NYC Trip Day 4 Damage Assessment

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Photo courtesy of
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Photo courtesy of

A quick update for day 3! It was a wonderful Columbia 10 year reunion! With a class size of 1,200, they are able to really put on a nice intimate event. There was a wine tasting event to start off the night. Then a dinner buffet by class. Afterwards there was dancing and desserts where everyone hung out on the steps of Low. A very lovely night! I have no desire to go to my 10 year college reunion so this will have to be it for me! My class was about 8,000 at least and the events will not be as nice as these.

Food – $4

Totally forgot about adding in the mango chile bar I bought while walking around after dim sum. Yummy and entirely necessary in the heat!

Transportation – Cab to Columbia $12

After getting all dressed up, the last thing we wanted to do was walk to the subway. Since we had 4 people we just grabbed a cab. Not the best money saving option, but it only ended up being a little more than 4 rides on the subway.

Total Damage for Day 3: $142

Onto our 4th day in NYC!!!! A total change as we packed up our stuff in the morning and took the subway into Brooklyn. For the remainder of our trip here we will be staying with my cousin and her fiance in Brooklyn. Only a little bit away from Manhattan, but a totally different place! People walk at a normal pace here and life is not always about getting to the next place as soon as possible. A much more relaxed pace where it is possible to actually keep a car without paying the equivalent in rent to park it.

Food –  $74

Brunch – Cheryl’s $34

We relaxed at this brunch spot that my cousin has wanted to try for awhile. They definitely know how to keep their customers hydrated! They offer coffee or tea, and a mimosa or a bloody mary, with every meal! We had so many glasses on the table that it was kinda funny. They served good brunch food that was homey, but a little more elevated than what you cook at home.

Dessert – Sweet Melissa’s $15

Early dessert! One of my favorite things to do in NYC is to get dessert! We have not had it so I was really craving it today. After a nice long walk it was definitely time to sugar up.

Dinner – Chavela’s $25

We did the lazy thing and just ordered take out:P After the early dessert we had a very late dinner.

Transportation – Subway $15

We really should have gotten 2 one-week passes for the MTA. We ran out on our subway card and had to add $15 to it. Oh well…hopefully that will last until the end of the trip.

Things to Do – $0

Brooklyn Botanical Gardens

My cousin and her fiance come here so often that they both have a membership here. They hooked us up with the family discount and gave us some free guest passes! It was a beautiful day to walk around! I never knew this place existed. They have many different garden areas, a greenhouse with different sections, a rose garden, large grassy areas for lying down, and a cherry blossoms field which is gorgeous in the spring. We missed it by a little bit though!

Total Damage for Day 4: $89

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  1. Absolutely love the concept and the details. This is great! I will keep reading and following 🙂 Hope you two are enjoying Brooklyn <3

  2. Late reply, but thanks Ji! It was a lot of fun hanging out with you and Albert. Thanks for letting us stay with you two!

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