NYC Trip Day 3 Damage Assessment

Dim sum in NYC is very traditional.
Dim sum in NYC is very traditional.

First an update for yesterday!

Food – Friedman’s Lunch at Chelsea Market $25 

For a light dinner we ended up at Chelsea Market. A place I have never explored and wish I had known about before! It is a bunch of restaurants and markets and small shops and bakeries in one area. Very cute, slightly pricey, but lots of different options for food. There was a fresh pasta place that had pasta by the pound. Saw squid ink, beet, chocolate, and other different unusual pastas. A lobster place with all kinds of fresh seafood to eat there or take home. Sandwiches, baked goods, cheese and lots more different things. Very interesting. We ended up at Friedman’s Lunch for a light dinner. I ended up with a light zucchini soup and a cookie in a small cast iron pan with ice cream and a shot of chocolate milk. The hubby ordered a chicken milanese sandwich. Both very tasty and made from scratch.

Transportation – $10

Sometimes taking a cab in NYC is unavoidable. The subway in NYC is great, but when you are going out with a large group of people it is more convenient to grab a cab. Usually we try to fit as many people into a cab to lower the cost.

Total Damage for Day 2: $154

A little more money spent on day 2 because we went out. Not too bad though for two people still.

Now onto day 3! Another day that is mostly reserved for Columbia events.

Food – Golden Unicorn $36

We started out today by going for dim sum. A good brunch option in NYC as there are so many dim sum options. It is always fun to go with a big group so that you end up trying more dishes. Everyone was a bit tired from last night though, so we got off to a slow start. We were lucky that it’s another hot blistering day here and not as many people showed up for dim sum. We actually got seated right away! Which never ever happens I have to tell you. An interesting thing about NYC dim sum is that they are very traditional and do not stray from the normal dishes much, whereas in LA they like to create new dishes all the time.

Things to do – Columbia event wine tasting, reception and dinner $90

The heftiest bill so far! This is the major event for the Columbia reunion though, so we definitely have to go to this one! There will be tons of alumni tonight and hopefully the dinner will be very good. It starts with a wine tasting, a class photo, and then dinner on campus. There is a large grassy area in the middle of the campus that they will have set up tents and tables on. Looking forward to it!

Total Damage for Day 3 so far: $126

Having lots of fun here in NYC! There are so many things to do but the best part is hanging out and seeing friends! We are certainly trying to do as much of that as possible. Nothing can replace good friendships!

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