NYC Trip Day 2 Damage Assessment

Columbia's Butler Library. Photo courtesy of
Columbia’s Butler Library. Photo courtesy of

Happy Friday! It is day two of our trip here in New York and it is just as blistering hot as it was yesterday! Another day spent in the low 90’s. Hopefully the temperature will start dropping. We are still managing to find good low cost options and saving our money for this night and tomorrow night when there are Columbia events to attend… and going out with friends!

On a side note, one of my articles was featured in a blog carnival. What is a blog carnival? It is a collection of similar themed articles from different bloggers. It is always fun to look through to see what others are writing and it helps create connections within the blogging community.

Thanks Aspiring Blogger! To see the blog carnival, click the link below:

Back to damage assessment! Keep in mind it is only midday here and I only have a partial list. We will be going out later tonight to a Columbia event so I will update the rest later.

Transportation – $31

Grabbed another MetroCard, this time an unlimited week pass. Still wishing we had brought our old MetroCards so we would not have to pay that $1 fee for a new card.

Food – $18

We got off to a late start this morning and had to rush to get ready and get to the Columbia campus for an event. Our bodies are still on California time so they were telling us to sleep a bit longer! Good thing we had bought bagels yesterday or else we would have had nothing to eat!

Lunch – Roti Grill $18 – Nearby the Columbia campus we found an unusual Indian fast food joint. India burritos! Basically indian filling all wrapped up in a roti! Yummy! we also ordered what they called aloo fries. Aloo meaning potato, but these were not fries at all. Thickly slices potato pieces fried and sprinkled with spicy powder. Not so yummy.

Dinner is TBD.

Things to Do – $69

A lot of Columbia events started today and we decided to go on the Butler library tour. Columbia has been around for quite a while and their campus is generally very historic and classic. Their main library, Butler, is a humongous building that they have been renovating for technology and preservation. It is absolutely beautiful and features many intricate details lost in today’s buildings. An art deco painting, stained glass, carved wooden decorations, the ceiling had intricate raised artwork, and the stacks were creepy just like in any old library. Maybe it does not sound like fun to you, but I love things like this! Especially since my college library is not what you would call beautiful at all. It is not inspiring at all. The most interesting thing about it is the fact that it is slowly sinking and sliding down the hill it is upon. The architect who designed and built the library completely forgot to factor in the weight of the books. Hundreds of years from now, that library may be at the bottom of the hill.

Shopping – H&M $9 – It was not me! It was the hubby who bought something! Haha, we at least used a coupon that my sister coincidentally sent me 2 hours prior. At least he will make use of it right away for tonight’s events.

Columbia Alumni event at Avenue and the Intrepid $60 – Light bites, drinks, party tonight! The Intrepid used to be an aircraft carrier! Now it is a museum and used for holding events. Should be fun and interesting tonight.

Total Damage so far Today: $119

Not bad so far…but tomorrow is the weekend! Plus who knows what will happen tonight! Going out always costs money, but it’s allowable every now and then right?

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