Mastering the Clipper

A men's haircutting kit. Photo Courtesy of
A men’s hair-cutting kit. Photo Courtesy of

I am not a master at using a men’s clipper yet, but I am trying to be! After we got married, I ordered a men’s hair-cutting kit with clippers, guards, and scissors to try my hand at cutting my husband’s hair. We figured that we would wait until after the wedding, so he would not have a bad hair day for our wedding photos. I like to dabble in a lot of arts and crafts and have a pretty steady hand when it comes to things like that, so I figured with a little bit of practice we will save a lot of money!

My husband always went to Supercuts before. They have the nice convenience of being able to call in to put your name on a waiting list, thus waiting less when you arrive at the shop. Supercuts is not high end at all, they are probably one of the lowest priced hair-cutting places. Even so, the cost of each haircut can add up for men since they go once a month.

Cost of Hair Kit: $24.99

Cost of one haircut at Super Cuts: $21 including tip

The cost of the kit is only a few dollars more than one haircut! After the second haircut all costs paid for the kit would already be recouped. Biggest question is though, can I manage to give him a good haircut? Does not matter how much money we save if his hair looks like a three year old decided to play barber.

Haircut Number 1 : Total Time 2 hours

I was nervous and going extremely slow as this was the first time ever using clippers! I watched a ton of YouTube videos to familiarize myself with this, but still made some mistakes. My husband’s hairstyle requires the clippers on the bottom portion of his hair, then scissors on top and sides to blend in the cut. I had a hard time figuring out how to blend the long hair on top to the short hair on bottom. Also I kept fumbling with the scissors and comb trying to hold each one as I cut. Eventually I figured it out, but I did cut off a wee bit too much in some places. Trimming a clean line at the bottom back of his hair, I cut off a bit too much. I had to cut off more to have a straight line across. Then trimming the hair around the ears was quite difficult, I ended up accidentally cutting a line into the hair behind his hairs! Oops. Tried to fix it and instead ending up with something that looked like a bald spot. Other than that though, the rest looked decent.

Haircut Number 2: Total Time 45 minutes

The second time around I was much more comfortable! I had gotten used to the clippers and managing a comb and scissors. Plus, I did not end up cutting any strange lines in his hair or cutting off too much. Still need to work on the area around the ears, but so much better this time around. Some hair ended up a bit longer in the front, but overall not a bad haircut. We saved $18 on this!

With a little more practice, I can definitely give my husband a good haircut each and every time! We save money now each time I do, because the second haircut basically recouped the price of the kit. Also, he does not need to drive anywhere so that saves us a bit on gas too! I guess we are using electricity now, but $21 each time we do this more than offsets that.

Home haircuts are something I am familiar with. When my sister and I were growing up, we both essentially had the same haircut. Chin length with bangs. My mom took care of all our haircuts to save money and it was always a prolonged torture each time. We could not grow our hair long because my mom would cut off too much each time! We would ask for a trim, instead we would end up with 3 inches lopped off. My mom did her best, but she would end up cutting more and more hair. The right side would be too long, so she would cut a little more. Then the left side would be too long…and so on and so on. Until we both ended up with chin length hair again.

Do you have home haircuts? If not, how much do you pay for getting your hair cut?

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