Beware the Sidewalk & Street Cleaners

The sidewalk cleaners were out and about today making Downtown Los Angeles look better!
The sidewalk cleaners were out and about today making Downtown Los Angeles look better!

If you live in a major city, most likely you have seen street cleaners that scrub the roads. Less commonly seen though are these sidewalk cleaners! Since I work at an office in Downtown Los Angeles, I see them fairly often. These guys look like mini zambonis that take up half or more of the sidewalk. They spray soapy water onto the ground and scrub the sidewalk with brushes. I always think they are so funny to look at and wonder what it is like to drive one. How fast does one go? Top speed at 10 mph so they do not accidentally run over any pedestrians? They amuse me.

The big street cleaners on the other hand are not something you would want to mess with. They are about the size of an armored truck and they try to do their job as fast as possible since they only have a small window of time to clean. If you park on the street here, you have to be really careful to always look at the signs to see if parking is allowed and what restrictions there are. Many times there are a few hours when you cannot park because that is street cleaning day. Park at your own risk! 99% of the time you will get a ticket. I learned that the hard way when I first moved here. Got a lovely parking ticket!

So are these cleaners really necessary and are they worth the tax dollars we pay for them? I am sure they run on gas and they probably end up using a lot of water to clean. I would have to say that is one money sacrifice I am willing to make for clean, trash-free streets and sidewalks. Not only should we be keeping our own places clean, but the area we live in too! When a city is clean it promotes a trash free environment. Peer pressure of sorts.

Keeping our cities clean is tied to being environmentally responsible. If we trash our cities however we like, then we definitely would not have any qualms about trashing everything else. It is a positive mentality and view that really will help us be a society that cares about its living environment.

What do you think about street and sidewalk cleaners? Do you think a cleaner city promotes a cleaner environment?

2 thoughts on “Beware the Sidewalk & Street Cleaners

  1. I like your view that “keeping our cities clean is tied to being environmentally responsible.” It’s easy to wonder if street sweepers are always completely necessary, especially when you get tagged with a ticket for being parked on the road, but they set a precedent. Keeping the roads clean can help inspire people to clean up after themselves, which will help the city and the environment. Thanks for the article!

    1. I don’t necessarily see the need for street sweepers also and that ticket is so unnecessary! I do believe that though that visually seeing a cleaner street is much more uplifting and inspiring. So hopefully street cleaners help to motivate people!

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