Cooking from the Odds and Ends Left in the Fridge

Zucchini pancakes, coleslaw and egg salad!
Zucchini pancakes, coleslaw and egg salad!

My hubby and I go grocery shopping about once or twice a week. We usually try to get enough food to last us, but sometimes we miscalculate or need some extra stuff so we end up running to the grocery store again. Most people advise that you should get groceries every few days in order to lessen the chance of having food left rotting in the fridge because it was not used fast enough. For us, the weekly trip has been working pretty well and we have been using most of the food up. Rarely do we throw anything away and we are getting better at it as each month passes by!

Of course it is one of the easiest ways to save your money! If you can manage this, then everything you buy will have a purpose and no money is wasted. I make sure to do an inventory every few days of our fridge to see if there are any items that got lost in the corner that we have forgotten about. There is a small drawer in the middle of the fridge that I especially tend to overlook. I have found items lingering back there that I totally do not recall. My solution is to look through my fridge, and pull out items that will be expiring soon and put it front and center. That way I have no choice but to look at them every single time I open the fridge.

It goes without saying that the less food that goes bad, the less food you have to throw away into our landfills. All that energy put into producing all our food is not just thrown out with the weekly trash collection.

Today for brunch we only found some odds and ends in our fridge. Since its the end of the week we had already eaten almost everything!!! All we had left were all the condiments and sauces, 2 zucchini, pickled radish and carrots, 4 hard boiled eggs, 3 raw eggs, cabbage, kale, cantaloupe, and apples! Haha the cabbage was also fairly old at two weeks I believe. Fortunately cabbage is one of those items that keep well. We ended up making a pretty good brunch for ourselves with these ingredients.

Zucchini Pancakes

We shredded the zucchini, then added some eggs, flour, baking powder, and salt. Mixed it all up until it was combined evenly. Then heated up a pan and fried up the pancakes. We actually used a cast iron pan that gave those pancakes a really nice crisp. The baking powder made the pancakes nice and fluffy. Crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside.


I have been meaning to make coleslaw with this leftover cabbage, just never got around to it until today! My first time making coleslaw actually and it came out pretty well. A nice balance of sweet and tangy. To get that kind of coleslaw, you first chop up the cabbage into small chunks. However small you prefer it. Since I did not have carrots, I used the pickled radish and carrots I had and chopped those up too. Next mix up some mayo, white sugar, a dash of white vinegar, some apple cider vinegar, and salt and pepper. Mix everything all together and you have coleslaw! Adjust the sugar and vinegar according to your sweet or sour preference.

Egg Salad

Since I already used a ton of mayo for the coleslaw, I tried to keep the added ingredients here to a minimum. I just chopped up the hard boiled eggs, added a tiny bit of mayo and white vinegar, some salt and pepper and mixed it all up! The lovely thing about egg salad is that you really do not need to use that much mayo because the egg yolk becomes the sauce that makes the egg salad creamy.

And that was our delicious brunch menu for today!

What creative ways have you been able to use up the odds and ends leftover in the fridge?

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