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Happy friday!!!!! It is the end of the work week and I am sure a lot of you are very excited for the weekend! Today might be a slow day for you or it might be crazy busy since it is the last day of the week. Either way, enjoy your Friday!

Since I freelance I get to work from home every single Friday. It is a glorious day where I do not have to spend 1.5-2 hours commuting. It really drains the energy out of me, so days when I work from home are recuperating days. I get to wear whatever I like, do not have to bother doing my hair and makeup, and if I have breaks I can take care of some of the household chores. Not only that, but of course I save money by not having to drive so much! Better for my mental health, my wallet, and the environment. I might run some errands, but they certainly don’t add up to 1.5 hours of driving. Less emissions in the air!

Of course working from home also has its drawbacks. For one, I need to be extremely disciplined and focused to get work done on my own. Most days I am fine with that, but some days my mind seems to be all over the place. That, plus the couch always looks so comfy. Then again, I can always just move my laptop over to the couch and work from there:P I have a nice mix during the week of going into an office and working from home so I do not get stuck in a rut.

One other thing is the atmosphere. My hubby and I are renting a one bedroom apartment with a total square footage of 750 feet. Just the right size for the two of us right now, but that means I do not have my own office. Instead I use a desk that we’ve placed in the living room. This works for me during the day when my husband is at work, but when I have to work nights it sometimes gets distracting. That is why I invested in some good headphones that entirely cover my ears. If he is watching some noisy tv show, I just put that on and block him out.

Do you ever get to work from home? How much money do you save if you do?

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