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My hubby are I just recently went through the entire whirlwind that is a wedding!!!! We are newlyweds for a little bit under 2 months! Whoosh. Have to say that getting engaged and planning a wedding is one of those crazy life events where I really wish things would have been simpler. It is very easy to get caught up in wedding craziness and spend much much much too much money on one day. True that it is our one wedding, but there is a lot of headache and money that goes into it.

Not only can a wedding really add up depending on what you do, but it can really be a drain on resources. We were able to save money in some areas by doing things ourselves, but there are way too many wedding services that you just had to end up spending a little more to get something decent.

One of our biggest money savers turned out to be the wedding invitations!!! Since I am a designer it was really a no brainer that I would create our invitation. We went even further though by printing and assembling them too!

We kept them simple on one page to cut down the amount of paper we would end up using. We did not need the colorful paper insert inside another colorful paper insert layered with three different kinds of decorative paper. We bought a few value packs of 50 cards and a few value packs of reply cards. All one pieces that were small and easily printable. Made sure to use the lovely 40% or 50% off coupons that get mailed out weekly too! My now hubby and I created a two person assembly line and busted those invitations out!

Since my hubby’s parents are more traditional Chinese, they wanted traditional Chinese invitations for their friends and family. Immediately we had thought that we were going to end up with some gaudy gold foiled monstrosities that would have ten thousand paper layers. I ended up taking a step back and creating an invitation that consisted of a red paper layer on the outside, a layer inside with the writing, all tied together with some stretchy gold string! Chinese invitations can be over the top and the more elaborate the better, since my now in-laws were fine with something simpler we were able to save a bit of money.

So the total cost for all the supplies for the 160 invitations we had to send out? $60! Of course this only includes the paper and the reply cards. Does not calculate in the stamps and printer ink. For the lucrative wedding industry though, this would have set us back a lot more if we went the usual route.

Looking back I wonder if we could have saved more money, and precious paper too, by sending some invitations via email instead. A lot of our guests were of the older sort, so would probably still need paper invitations, but all our friends would have been fine with an email invite possibly. Plus we could have set up a website where they could respond via email! In the end though we ended up doing the traditional route since it made it more official. People tend to ignore emails and there is a chance they might not respond at all.

One other thing we could have done is look into recycled paper for our invitations. When we went to the crafts store we did not see any options there. Unfortunately it is probably not a very cost effective way to go for wedding invitations. The more custom it is, the higher the price.

How much did you end up spending on wedding invitations alone? Did you do the traditional snail mail route?

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  1. Hi there,

    Great post indeed. Yeah, I agree with you that wedding is a life’s crazy event we have spend lot of money behind organizing decorating a great wedding ceremony. It requires lot of effective and brilliant ideas to save money from it.

    Glad to hear your opinion on saving money from wedding invitations. I sincerely appreciate you for sharing such kind of helpful words that you can provide a less expansive wedding invitations card. Your mind on invitation card is so impressive and it is necessary too, for saving money. 160 invitation is only $60. It’s really great news.

    Thanks for the information. It’s really great helpful.
    Have a good day.
    – Ravi.

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