What is Inexpensive and has over a Hundred Uses?

A multi-purpose and very versatile item to have in your pantry!
A multi-purpose and very versatile item to have in your pantry!

It is white vinegar!!! Other than pickling food and as a small ingredient in cooking recipes, I never knew that you could use vinegar for a variety of cleaning purposes! Since I have learned about it, I have replaced my regular multi-purpose cleaner with a vinegar cleaning spray that I use for everything. It saves so much money and is also earth-friendly. Very simple to make and it is also extremely to find on any store shelf. Buying a gallon of this stuff only costs a few dollars but it goes a very long way!

Since there are over a hundred uses for vinegar, I will try to list out the main points only and what I usually end up using it for.

Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Just add one part white vinegar, one part water, and a drop or two of dishwashing soap into a spray bottle and there you go! It cuts through grease so easily and disinfects and deoderizes! I use this on my kitchen counters, the tables, the bathroom sink, and even the toilet bowl!

Laundry Stain Remover

Instead of buying laundry stain removers, I simply spray full vinegar onto the areas it needs to be on. Works just as well as spray and wash.


I cannot stand the smell that lingers after cooking fish! The sinks smell like it, the cutting boards, even my hands smell so fishy! I spray full strength vinegar everywhere and just let it sit for a few minutes then wipe it down to get rid of the smell! The whole place might end up smelling like vinegar, but after it dries that smell goes away! Much better than the linger of fish. I even dunk my hands into vinegar to get rid of as much of the smell as possible. It really helps but if that smell gets caught under my nails it is really hard to remove.


Instead of using bleach or hydrogen peroxide to disinfect items, I just soak it in vinegar or pour it over the item. For example wooden cutting boards can get really nasty after some use, just pour some vinegar over it and let it sit for maybe half an hour before washing it away.

Those are just the simple and overall general uses for white vinegar! There are so many other purposes it can be used for just by itself or in combination with other common cleaning items.

What kind of cleaning sprays do you use? Do you still use the bleach heavy sprays or have you switched over to something easier on your nose?

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