Going Green Can Really Save Green

Well hello! Welcome to my first ever blog post! I have always loved to write and decided to finally try my hand at this new outlet. So what am I going to make this blog about? Well…keep reading!

Two of my biggest personal goals in life right now are:

Save the earth by minimalizing my impact!

Become a millionaire!

I am always constantly trying to find ways to live a green life and to save money. Most of the time, those two actually go hand in hand and you can do both at the same time! So why not write about two things I am passionate about? I love sharing it with other people, but sometimes it is hard to find people who are on the same wavelength. So I’ll try casting my net wider other than to those I see in person day to day.

There is a gazillion little things I’ve tried to be earth-friendly with, some have been big successes, and others have been total flops! I’ll say that most of these things end up saving me money, but that doesn’t mean that I’ll totally forgo something just because it costs a bit more. If its worth it, I’ll do it because I believe that every little bit counts. From buying a hybrid, to just changing my mindset and habits, one person can make an impact!

So here goes!

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